How can I contribute?

Ways to Give to the Fund for Camp

Your support of the Fund for Camp is important and will be truly appreciated. There are a variety of ways to make a gift from an outright donation of any size to a large gift. The gift can be spread across several years or done as an investment that will produce income for the donor or designee. Please let us know if we can be helpful in determining how to ensure that a gift supports your interests, and the tax advantages that might be realized for both the you and your heirs.

Making an Outright Gift

You may wish to make a gift now and realize tax benefits immediately. Gifts of any size are welcome, and larger gifts may be spread over a 2-3 year period. You may choose to send this gift by mail using a pledge card or by making an online donation with a credit card.

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Making a Gift That Provides Income to You or to Your Designee

You may wish to make a gift to the Fund for Camp that will produce income that will go to you or your designee for rest of your life. With a minimum gift of $500, this will provide some immediate as well as estate tax benefits.

Making a Gift That Will Pass Money to Your Heirs

You may wish to make a gift that will make a gift of interest to the Fund for Camp during your lifetime (or for a set period of time) and then pass the bulk of the gift (plus interest) to your heir or heirs. You will receive gift credit now as well as tax benefits. This kind of trust requires a minimum gift of $30,000.

Making a Bequest in Your Will

You may wish to make a lasting gift to the Fund for Camp but need all of your assets during your lifetime. By making a bequest now as a part of your estate plan, you reduce the size of your taxable estate and, potentially, your federal and state tax.

For a brochure (in a pdf format) that fully describes the Fund for Camp and its mission, please click here.

For more information about making an immediate or planned gift to the Fund for Camp, please contact:

Joel Winchip, Executive Director
Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association
9935 Tealridge Lane
Charlotte, NC 28277