What does the Fund support?

Camps and conference centers do not stand alone. There are organizations that support these sites, their boards/committees and the staff members that work in these places each day. Gifts to the Fund for Camp (or Hostetter Fund) will support three vital resources for Presbyterian camps and conference centers:

Your Gift Supports a New Position with the PC(USA)

The position of Associate for Camps and Conference Centers has now been established in the Louisville office of the Presbyterian Church (USA). This full-time staff person works in consultation with the General Assembly staff to create a long-term vision for the use of camps and conference centers to further the mission priorities of the denomination. This individual will create effective communication tools that will seek to share the stories and messages of how camps and conference centers impact lives and play a positive role in the future of the Presbyterian Church (USA) by providing places for conversations on faith development, theological discussions and environment-related issues.

A total of $2,500,000 will be raised to endow this position.

Your Gift Supports PCCCA

Since 1964, a group of camp and conference professionals have gathered for fellowship, for education and for mutual support of their ministries. This organization is called the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association (PCCCA). This association is a close-knit group that brings together people who represent camps and conference centers of all shapes and sizes. The programs and fellowship that PCCCA offers allows these individuals to hone their skills and to bring knowledge back to their ministries. Many find the PCCCA “family” to be an incredible source of professional and personal support.

PCCCA, which no longer receives funding from a denomination, is now solely supported through the annual dues contributed by the Presbyterian camps and conference centers that are members of the association. Your gift will help sustain this group as they look to a new future for the organization. In 2007, they hired a part-time Executive Director for the association. It is now their goal to do even more to support the camps and conference centers of our denomination. To learn more about PCCCA and the services it offers camps and conference centers, please go to their website by clicking on the logo below.

A total of $600,000 will be raised for the support of PCCCA.

Your Gift Supports the Consultants Network

When Presbyterian camps and conference centers are considering changes in their ministry, they have a team of consultants on hand to help during these times of transition. Whether it is issues like mission planning, staffing structures or fund development, this group is available to consult with ministries over the phone, by email or through on-site visits. The fees for these services are very economical and scholarship funds are available. The Network also makes “house calls” through a yearly itineration. A team travels to a different part of the country and offers free consultation services to the camps and conference centers in that region. The work of the Consultants Network is an important ministry to the camps and conference centers of the denomination as governing bodies struggle to support these ministries with dwindling subsidy dollars. Your gift to the fund supports this group as they offer programs and services that make our camps and conference centers stronger for the future ministry ahead.

A total of $200,000 will be raised for the support of the Consultants Network.
When our camps and conference centers are supported, their programs thrive. Please click on the links below to learn how you can be a part of the Fund for Camp.