Perhaps your life or the life of a family member was touched by an experience at one of the 156 camps or conference centers across the United States and Canada.

You understand the importance of these ministries and want to learn more about what is being done to support them now and for future generations.

The Fund for Camp seeks to support these “sacred spaces” by helping the organizations that under gird the ministries of Presbyterian camps and conference centers.

Camps and conferences centers change lives...

at Summer Camp

Each summer, children and youth gather for fun camping experiences that bring them closer to one another and to the Creator of the natural world that surrounds them. They are led by a summer staff who are learning what it means to help others and to share one’s faith.

at Conferences

During these same summer weeks, conference centers offer programs that bring together participants to sing, to worship and to learn with others from across the country. The site serves as neutral ground as the church comes together to struggle with the issues of society and faith.

at Retreats

Throughout the year, hundreds of thousands of church members find a special place at these same locations for meaningful weekend retreats. In these camp, conference and retreat experiences, individuals are able to concentrate on their relationship with Jesus Christ while in a safe environment away from the distractions of everyday life.

Camps and conferences centers support the church...

Camps and conference centers are the only institutions within our church that cross all mission and programmatic lines– they are places for leadership development, evangelism, education, disaster relief, missionary training, vocational discernment and so much more. They are nimble resources that serve to support all of the goals of the church.

Presbyterian surveys have repeatedly and conclusively demonstrated the importance of camp and conference ministries to the faith formation of the denomination’s leaders. The majority of Presbyterian pastors who reported having a significant spiritual experience claim that this happened at a camp, conference or retreat center.

The Fund for Camp seeks to support what happens in these “sacred spaces” by helping the organizations that under gird these ministries. Please click on the links below to learn more about this fund and how you can be a part of this support system.